26 April 2021

A beginner's journey into 'American Hand Piecing' part 2


Crafting is one of the ways I maintain care of my mental and emotional well-being. The past few days I've been learning something new called 'American Hand Piecing'. It's a process of quilting where you join the pieces by hand. It's a gentle, unhurried, methodical process which is perfect for relaxing the mind and body. 
 Learning something new is also good for keeping the mind stimulated, and by focusing on the learning process I can't help but put any anxiety or stress to one side. What do you do to care for your mental well-being? I'd love to hear.
I was inspired to try 'American Hand Piecing' by Emma Bradford of
The Swift Quilting Company in one of her appearances on the craft shopping channel Sewing Street.


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