31 October 2021

'Moon Cat' Cross Stitch Design

A Halloween special gift just for you.

‘Moon Cat’ is the first in my series of nine mini  magical cross-stitch designs which will be released between October 2021 and October 2022.  These mini magical designs will be lovely on their own as individual projects, or can be stitched together and surrounded with a beautiful border to complete a larger design called ‘Magical Moments’.

‘Moon Cat’ is perfect for a someone learning to cross-stitch for the first time and will be equally enjoyable for a more experienced stitcher looking for a quick project.

Whether you are stitching specifically for Halloween or just love all things magical, this will be perfect for you.

To download this free chart visit my Weediflower Creations Shop.

© Karen Wiederhold

1 October 2021

Sunny Sunflowers Blanket Pattern

🍁October is here and so is Autumn, so there’s no better time to get started on making your very own blanket of sunflowers and support a charity close to my heart at the same time. 🍂

This is my most favourite of all the designs I have created and it’s extra special to me for personal reasons. 

There are so many uses for this design which you can read about in the pattern pages.  I’ll share photos of some of these ideas later on this month here on my Instagram feed.

You'll find the pattern on my website www.weediflowercreations.com🌻

Ko-fi donations are gratefully accepted for the Sunny Sunflowers pattern in aid of the charity Samaritans .  Please type Sunny Sunflowers in the notes section when making your donation so I know what the donation is for.  At the end of each year money raised from this pattern is sent to them by cheque. Thank you for your support. 🧡

All the yarn used to create this blanket can be purchased at Wool Warehouse and don’t forget to use discount code WEEDIFLOWER10 when making your purchase.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all materials used to create the blanket were purchased by me.

COPYRIGHT: This design and pattern is the original creation of Karen Wiederhold, designing as Weediflower Creations.  Please do not copy, reproduce, sell or use for teaching purposes. 

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24 June 2021

New Crochet Pattern called Daisy and Shop news.

I'm so excited to tell you that I have finally opened a shop on my website and on Ravelry to sell my knitting and crochet patterns. It's been something i've wanted to do for a long time but my priority since last year has been to set up a website and transfer all my patterns, projects and charts over from my blog - it was a big job but well worth it. So without further ado, here is my very first item in the shop. It is called 'Daisy' and you will find it to buy over on my website at https://www.weediflowercreations.com/shop

26 April 2021

A beginner's journey into 'American Hand Piecing' part 2


Crafting is one of the ways I maintain care of my mental and emotional well-being. The past few days I've been learning something new called 'American Hand Piecing'. It's a process of quilting where you join the pieces by hand. It's a gentle, unhurried, methodical process which is perfect for relaxing the mind and body. 
 Learning something new is also good for keeping the mind stimulated, and by focusing on the learning process I can't help but put any anxiety or stress to one side. What do you do to care for your mental well-being? I'd love to hear.
I was inspired to try 'American Hand Piecing' by Emma Bradford of
The Swift Quilting Company in one of her appearances on the craft shopping channel Sewing Street.


23 April 2021

A beginner's adventure into 'American Hand Piecing' part 1


I'm about to take my first steps into sewing a quilted project in the 'American Hand Piecing' technique. I love having something new to learn and to relax with.  I've dabbled with quilting before but it didn't really suit me because I couldn't relax out in the garden or in front of the television with a sewing machine.  Hand piecing will remedy that because it's hand-sewn and portable.  Looking forward to showing you how I get on.  I'll be using a pattern designed by Emma Bradford of The Swift Quilting Company

I purchased this little pack of fabrics from Hobbycraft to practice with and will make a cushion cover front with it before using more expensive fabrics or making larger projects.



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