8 December 2023

The Weediflower Creations Shop

A few weeks ago I decided to move my shop over to Ko-fi from Etsy.  I though't i'd mention it here in my blog in case anyone wondered why my Etsy shop wasn't showing any listings.  My Ko-fi shop is located here https://ko-fi.com/weediflowercreations  

7 December 2023

New release of my cross stitch design called A Gentle Yuletide Evening

Introducing A Gentle Yuletide Evening my new cross stitch design in preparation for and in celebration of Yule.  

I loved creating this piece, and all the while I was imaging what it might be like sitting inside the cosy little cabin while the world outside is whisper-quiet in the snow.  What would you imagine the inside is like while you stitch?  Please tell me in the comments below. 

I didn’t have plans to add a reindeer but he just appeared and I’m very happy about that because he’s so adorable.  

The chart is available for purchase and instant download in my shop now www.weediflowercreations.com/shop

Happy stitching,
Love Karen

1 December 2023

New Release of Sing a Merry Song Cross Stitch Design

Good morning everyone on this chilly and sparkly first day of December 2023 from me here in Gloucestershire, UK.  While those of you in the Southern Hemisphere bask in entirely different weather I love the cooler seasons, so i'm quite content.

I've been looking forward to introducing you to this sweet little Robin who features in my newest creation called Sing a Merry Song.

You'll find the chart pack ready for you to purchase and download instantly in PDF format over in my shop    I'd love to see what you make using this design so please tag me in your socials so I can share in the seasonal and festive fun.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead.  

Happy stitching,

Karen x


ps ...... for stitchers who celebrate this time of year in warmer climates there is a design created just for you in my shop too.

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December 2023 is here

This time of year can be difficult for some and certainly for me this year it will be one of some emotional rememberances because it is the first December since my Mum's passing which is also her birthday month (and mine too). 

Be gentle and kind with yourself at this time of year.  Allow the little moments of magic and warmth to lift your spirits where it can.

Lots of love, Karen x

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1 November 2023

New Release of the A Little Nibble collection

November is here and i'm still enjoying the changing colours of Autumn.  I hope my latest update finds you well.

There are many cross-stitchers who have been enjoying Autumn and Halloween stitching who are not ready to move onto Yuletide or Christmas projects quite yet.  I am one of those who are reluctant to move on fro the joyful colours of Autumn and so I felt inspired to create  'A Little Nibble'  which is a collection of cross stitch designs perfect for the month of November.  I absolutely adore this little mouse enjoying their apple and hope you do too.

Happy stitching and crafting,

Karen x 

There are three options in this collection.

A Little Nibble (Acorns and Mushrooms) measures 120x120 stitches.

A Little Nibble (Mushrooms) measures 60x60 stitches.

A Little Nibble (Ornaments) Two options which measure 80x80 stitches and 40x40 stitches.











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