21 September 2011

Free Crochet Pattern: Loopy Flower Motif

I hope you enjoy making these Loopy Flowers, I had fun making it yesterday and can see all sorts of potential projects like scarves, wraps, cushion covers and .....................  Don't forget to send me what you make, i'd love to see them and share them if you say that's okay.

Round 1 and 2:  Using white, make a five chain ring, then work 12DC's into the ring.

Round 3.   

Ch6, miss a space then ss into following space, repeat till you have six loops, join with ss,  tie and cut yarn.

Round 4.  

Join on blue yarn in an unused space.  Working behind the white loops created in earlier round, Ch6 then ss into next unused space, continue till you have 6 loops, tie and cut yarn.

View at back.

Round 5.

Join purple yarn onto centre point of blue loop.  Ch8, ss into centre of next blue loop, repeat to form 6 purple loops. SS into first chain of first loop to join.

Round 6.

In this first petal loop Ch2 (acts as first DC) then DC11, ss into same loop.  

SS into next loop, DC12, SS into same loop. 
(Each petal has SS at start, twelve DC's and SS to end).

Repeat for each petal, ending with SS, tie off yarn.


AllSoCute said...

oohh! Karen such wonderful crochet flowers :)

Karen Wiederhold said...

thank you :-)