20 May 2020

Chatting about the Gemstone Blanket, Flowers, Biscuits and a Fox

Hello all,

Today is an absolutely beautiful day  and i'm loving the bright sunshine and warmth.  I'm not a fan
of being too hot, so i'm thankful that at this time of the day the conservatory is in the shade and I can sit and crochet and listen to podcasts without melting.

Progress on the Gemstone Blanket pattern is coming along nicely and i'll be ready to release it next week.  So excited to share it with you.  As you can see by the image here, the colours for this project were inspired by a selection of gemstones from my collection; more on this later. 

Over the past few weeks i've been enjoying walking with our dog in the evening; something so many people are unable to do right now.  I started taking photographs of flowers to send to family members who are in lock-down and not allowed daily exercise, and those who are elderly and struggling to get out and about.  It's become a bit of a thing with them all to get these floral photographs from me.

I don't know about you but i've definitely become more aware of tiny changes in my neighbourhood each day.  How many times in the past have I walked past these neighbourhood plants and flowers and not given them much notice?  Now with outings being limited, the experience has been one of drinking in as much of the outdoor surroundings as possible.

Here are some of the beauties from last night's walk.

As we made our way back home, we noticed this little face peeping at us from behind some tall grass close to a neighbour's house.  They sat there for ages watching us.  It was so lovely and really made the perfect end to the day; especially for me because of my fascination with Foxes.

On Monday I shared the recipe for my favourite Ginger Biscuits and have some lovely messages from people wanting to try them.  I hope they do because they are very tasty and very easy to make.  You'll find the recipe for them and some other favourites of mine over here.


Caroline Blackler said...

Thank you for sharing your photographs :-) There are some lovely colours there

Unknown said...

We are grateful to be able to appreciate the beauty of nature. The colours of the plants are so rich and just magnificent.

Unknown said...

We are grateful that we can appreciate the beauty of our nature. The colours are vibrant and rich.