9 October 2011

Making Risotto

This afternoon I could not stop thinking about having Risotto for dinner, just love everything about it and especially enjoy making it too.

It's often heard said that it's tricky to make and all that but it's not; it just takes a little time and if you get all you ingredients ready then there's no need to worry.

I like cooking Risotto on the weekend and accompany this time with either Alan Carr or Paul O'Grady to chuckle along to while stirring.

The basic ingredients are Risotto rice, butter, olive oil, crisp white wine, chicken stock, garlic, Parmesan then what ever other ingredients are fancied at the time to add. Tonight it was chicken, onions and sun dried tomato.

Cook onions until clear in hot oil and butter, then add rice and stir.  Cook until the tips of the rice grains turn clear.

Add about 200ml wine.  Add garlic. Keep stirring gently.

Make 1 litre stock.  Add stock, a little at a time and keep stirring.  As soon as it gets a bit sticky, add a bit more stock.

Add your other ingredients, keep stirring gently and carry on adding stock until the rice is cooked then allow the risotto to become creamy.  If you have any stock left, pour into an ice cube tray and freeze for making gravy or adding to something tasty.

Grate enough Parmesan to fill about three quarters of a cup. Add to the Risotto with some black ground pepper and good pinch of salt, stir in gently and serve, eating straight away.

 Enjoy x

PS  I added some chestnut mushrooms which i'd cooked separately in butter after serving, to spare those who don't like mushrooms.  I forked them through before eating.

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