5 February 2013

Wreath for Valentine's Day - Free Project

A wreath is not just for the December/Winter festive season, they can be for any time of year or festivity and i'm a big fan of bringing the season or festivity into my home with a wreath hanging on either a door or in the window.  So here we have a beaded and bejewelled wreath for Valentine's day, but it can be hung all year in your bedroom for that touch of femininity and romance.

You will need,
Small willow wreath
Transparent, hollow plastic heart
Spool of silver jewellery wire
Assortment of clear and pearlescent beads
1 metre fuchsia chiffon ribbon
White satin cord/piping/ribbon

To make,
1. Tie length of satin cord through the top of the wreath for hanging.  

2. Thread all the beads on to the silver wire, keeping the wire attached the  spool
     to prevent the beads sliding off.  Then securing the end of wire around a twig with a 
     few twists, begin to wind the beaded strand around the wreath as many times as you 
     choose, feeding beads along the wire a few at a time and unwinding the spool as you go. 
     Make sure you disperse the beads evenly around the wreath during winding.  Once you 
     have finished winding, snip wire from spool, pouring left over beads on the wire into a 

3. Fill the hollow heart with the feathers and close.  Thread a length of ribbon through the loop
     in the top then through the centre of the wreath, tying in a bow around the cord to secure.

4. Tie sections of ribbon round the wreath and trim ends.

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