Cushion Cover and Hot Water Bottle Cozies

I knitted an aran jumper a few years back and it no longer fitted my husband because he lost weight, so to preserve the work and to continue to enjoy it I repurposed the jumper into a continental cushion cover and two hot water bottle cozies.  The body became the cushion cover and the sleeves cozies.

Cushion Cover 
1. Turn jumper inside out.
2. Sew up the sides, from the bottom band up to the shoulders. closing up the sleeve holes.
3. Cut off sleeves.
4. Sew across top of jumper just below neckband.  Cut off excess.
5. Turn right side out and sew velcro along open ends.
6. Fill with cushion and enjoy.

1. Sew across end of sleeve where it attached to the body.  Turn right side out.  It's ready.

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