16 February 2016

Moving Forward - New Chapters

The title of this post is "Moving Forward" and that has certainly been the energy that i've felt building over quite a while now.  An energy of change, of closing a chapter, of turning a page and exploring another facet of my life just a bit more closely.

The feelings of a desire for movement and exploration have been quite anxious for me at times when thinking of taking a pause.  However as i've allowed the thoughts to percolate through and to feel out the sensations within me, I knew, deep down that it was time.  It's easy to stay with the familiar and the comfortable but doing this can often lead to stagnation and a loss of the spark of imagination or joy.  Things have also popped up along the way over the last few months confirming that this change is good and right, serendipitously i've been afforded some lovely opportunities going forward which affirms this progression and development and has given me nudges and hints along the way.

I'm making space, i'm acknowledging that a time in my life where I was writing and creating for the magazines which was gloriously happy, exciting and thrilling is taking a chosen pause.   

It really has been happy and thrilling, heck I even made it onto the covers a few times too, leading to the family's amusement in calling me a cover girl. Also not forgetting the book I featured in!!   

See these large images on the covers?  They're mine!

The space created by this thinning out process has already been filled with the mountain of Reflexology, Reiki and spiritual books i've been amassing next to my bed.  This isn't a new interest for me, i've been a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner for many years now, but as life unfolds, circumstances change and you can't always pursue everything with the same amount of devotion at the same time.

This is only part of the pile :-)  there's still more to do over the next few days).  Making and creating things is in my bones, it's what I do and of course I will still be crafting each chance I get, but the writing and designing part will be on a long pause for now.  Right now i'm following a calling within me to read more, to study and develop my spiritual and healing practice.  Crafting and encouraging others to be creative will be an essential part of my work therapeutically because it is hugely beneficial on many levels.  So you see, it's a change but includes the familiar with a different application and focus.

I'll still be maintaining the blog and will expand/update the existing gallery of things i've created over the years but I won't be writing posts.  Some of you may enjoy referring to the gallery when you need an idea for a card etc that you're making.

So this morning, calmly and without any sense of anxiety, I went into the conservatory and pulled out the three boxes containing my stash of magazines that i've been published in over the years.  Sitting on the floor, lovingly going through each one and carefully removing the pages containing my work for preservation, I discarded the remnants of the magazines one by one. 

Much love and thanks,


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